How To Overcome Obstacles

“As A Woman Thinketh…”

A short study into the 3 “No’s” that can change your life for the better and help you overcome any obstacle…if you let them.

by: Tiana Smith

Aristotle once said… “We are what we repeatedly do. Success is not an action, but a HABIT.”

When people ask me how I grew my 6-figure business in part-time hours…

And how I lost over 50 lbs and went from a size 12 to a size 2 pants…and have kept it off and continue to tone up over 2 years later…

And how I’ve landed over 40 of my original songs in TV and Film performances…

Or even how I moved to my dream town by the ocean as a newly single mother with 2 kids and a dog… without any support from family…

When I looked at anything I wanted to do…

I always try to break it into simple, daily habits that I can do everyday…

Even around raising kids and running my own business.

It always comes back to habits and mindset. 

Today I’m going to start with the mindset, though, because the right mindset is the essential, fertile ground to create healthy and productive daily habits to achieve any goal or dream.

It all starts in the mind…“As a woman thinketh…so she is.”

The truth is, if you are ready to take RADICAL responsibility for your own life…

In every way… keep reading.

I’m about to share with you a simple 3 Line CREED that will knock you off your feet, teach you to fly and show you how the SIMPLICITY of changing your MINDSET and habits can make your life, body, business and finances look completely different (and in less time than you may think!)

BUT before we dive in… we have to come to an agreement.  And by we. I mean you. 

You see…the road is simple…but simple doesn’t mean easy. 

Because on the road. 

Is you.

And the truth is. 

Unless you can accept the FACT…that every battle in life is YOU VS. YOU (SIDE NOTE: for an in depth, and entertaining, look at this concept, check out the film “CREED”)…

Then you’ll blame others….

And live life in negativity and/or victim mode like most of the world…

You can continue down the hole of blame and shame…

Or you can pick  yourself up  and  choose to be the person who makes YOURSELF proud!

Yeah, it can be annoying for sure…not blaming others. Learning to look in the mirror and take radical responsibility. 

But if you’re ready to face YOURSELF. Forgive YOURSELF and be FREE from now and choosing to let go…that’s where the real freedom and peace lies…so here it is. 

Your New Creed of Truth and Freedom:

  1. No Complaining
  2. No Explaining
  3. No Justifying


Yep. That’s it! And it’s easy to remember, because it rhymes. 

So what do these 3 “no’s”  look like in real life? Little rhymes are fun and all…but I like to get real! So how do you change this on a day- to-day? 




NO complaining… you mean…even when someone’s mean to me? YEP.

Even when life isn’t fair? YEP

Even when ____ fill in the blank of whatever excuse you’re currently trying to think of…

It’s NOT worth it…

We all know that no one likes to hang out with someone who ALWAYS complains… and yet most people OFTEN complain…from money, to family, to exes, to kids, to the dog, to traffic…there’s a never ending list…

(If you haven’t seen the movie Pollyanna with the magical Hayley Mills…I recommend you do. Because she turns everything negative into a positive. And I encourage you to adopt this mindset and spirit ASAP.)

It’s amazing how WHAT YOU FOCUS ON GROWS. 

Ever notice how when you complain, more things to complain about keep coming your way? 

Now, instead of complaining…what about if you started talking about all the things you’re GRATEFUL FOR. (and imagine how many more nice friends you’d have!)  

REFRAME your BRAIN from COMPLAINING to GRATITUDE and watch EVERYTHING get better IMMEDIATELY! (and also check out the book called “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne)


This one is sneakier. You may be thinking “What do you mean, no explaining?”

Well…Have you Ever said, “I’m sorry…BUT…” and continued to EXPLAIN why even though you’re sorry…what you did was Justified? Ouch, huh?

But instead…how about a vulnerable…no hold barred HUMBLE HEART?!?!!

What if you didn’t care about being right? 

What if you just cared about LOVE and being HUMBLE and if you did wrong…whether the other person apologizes, or accepts your apology…you’re going to say you’re sorry (and you’re going to CHANGE YOUR WAYS…because an apology without action… is a lie…but again…that’s another article altogether…)

So yeah…no EXPLAINING why you did what you did…


There really is no real reason. Just accept the weakness, course correct…and move on.


Could you have left earlier and gotten more prepared?

Could you have been kinder and more gentle with your words and attitude?

Before we leave this portion…

Remember that Golden rule?  “Treat others as you want to be treated.” 

Doesn’t it feel amazing when somebody humbly says I’m sorry without any kind of explanation? It’s like…all the walls come down and you just can SIGH…

So how about you let others feel that relief. 

Say you’re sorry. Don’t explain or justify yourself. Move on! FREEDOM!

Which leads right into…


I think at this point you no there’s no but’s about it! 🙂 

Just DON’T DO IT! 

Don’t justify the “cheat” meal… 

Don’t justify why you said or did whatever you said or did…

It’s so similar to explaining…

But explaining leads to justifying. 

And that’s why Complaining, Explaining and Justifying are all connected. 

So what should we be doing? 

Be Humble. 

Be Kind.
Be Loving. 

It really is SIMPLE.

Do what you say you’re going to do.

Follow the golden rule. “Treat others as you want to be treated.”

Start to take radical responsibility. 

Once you can really look at yourself in the mirror…

Eye to eye with YOURSELF…

There is an incredible Freedom!

I hope you’ll print out the Creed, or write it down..and commit to it. 

It has the power to change everything forever.

For the better. 






Create your reality. 

Making a change is not always easy…but it’s ALWAYS worth it…


I LOVE to give gifts. It’s one of my “Love languages”. So here’s what I want to do. 

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