How To Schedule Posts on your FB Biz Page

Have you ever wondered how people churn out so much content on their social media ?

Have you wondered how they have time for this?

For years I’ve done social media marketing, with a focus on FB biz pages, for myself, others and training others. One little trick to more posts on a daily basis is SCHEDULING and AUTOMATION.

When you commit to providing excellent, value driven content to your followers on a daily basis…people learn to “know, like and trust” you much faster than when you show up once a month.

The minimums that I teach in my FB Biz Bootcamps is 3 posts a day, as across the board that’s the minimum times you want to “organically” Post to stay in FB’s algorithms. NOTE: I do not recommend going  through a 3rd party scheduler- this cuts down on your algorithms and it’s not worth it.

In April 2019, FB changed the way you can “Schedule” out your posts directly through FB.

In this short Video Walk Through I share EXACTLY step-by-step where to go on the back office of your FB biz page to schedule out your posts each day (Meaning you can batch your time and schedule your posts daily, weekly or even for the whole month!)

*Remember, 3 is the minimum. But if you want to really uplevel your business quickly- I’d recommend something more like 10 posts a day- even for 7 days, or a 30 day burst. You will see INCREDIBLE growth for FREE.

**MINDSET: Ask yourself “What am I willing to do to show my new followers that I’m the real deal?”

***MINDSET QUIZ: “What am I willing to do to make my business grow quickly and make the money I desire to make?” (POSTING MORE will help this! If you’re posting things of value)

Without further ado- here is the video. I’d love to know what you think. If you want a 1 on 1 strategy call with me you can BOOK IN WITH ME HERE , fill out the form below…OR you can also CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY MONTHLY FB BOOTCAMPS.